Standalones & Short Series


Honey Babe

Kendra Atkins met a man on a beach and rocked his world, and had no idea Charles Ford was a virgin. She also didn't know his name. He knew her as 'Honey;' she knew him as 'Babe.'

After their night of passion, they went their separate ways, each wanting to know and see more of the other. Ten years later, they connected again by chance, but Kendra didn't recognize her one-night lover.

Charles jogged her memory, and everything fell into place. Kendra accepted this was the man she enjoyed so many nights before, and she tells Charles there was something else he left behind all those years ago. 

Honey Babe is a standalone.


I Wish I Wasn't...

Lauren dreamed of a life with her high school beau, Darius Glass a.k.a. Gator, but he didn’t feel the same; he went his way soon after he graduated.

Tevin Frazier was an upperclassmen when Lauren entered high school, and became a trusted friend, but once he went to college, they lost contact. When he re-entered her life on her 30th birthday, Tevin offered himself as the father to Lauren's much-wanted child. Accepting this was the only way she would become a mother, Tevin and Lauren enter an agreement to become parents.

Years later, at a friend’s wedding festivities, Lauren and Gator cross paths again, and he reveals he had always wanted more with her, but due to the rampant rumors about her, he didn’t feel she was ready for anything, commitment-wise. Now, they are both available, and Gator offers Lauren the life he wanted with her when they were teens.

Lauren accepts, not knowing that Tevin is interested in being more than just her children’s father. 

Book one of two.


When The Bough...

Finding her niche in the beauty world was long road for Quanda Jarvis, but once she thought she had, world-famous actress Whitney Benjamin changed her career’s course, for the better.   While perfecting her cosmetics line, Quanda found love with personal security guard Randall Hudson. They eloped, and soon after, Quanda found Rand was not the man he presented himself to be. Quanda and Rand divorce, and Quanda finally sees attorney Daniel Warner as something more than her legal advisor. He quickly shows her she was never in love, until he came along. Daniel is also a man of faith, and took a vow of celibacy until married. He promised God he wouldn’t make love with another woman unless she was his wife, and he would do so on their wedding night. Temptation plagues Quanda and Daniel, even with family and friends helping their cause, and Rand waits in the distance, plotting to keep them apart, and not only in bed.  

Book one of three.