Negative Ion


FALLING, told by Kimber Forrest

Ren, Mike, Stone, Greg, and Jax are members of the rock group Negative Ion. Brothers by choice, the would do anything for one another, including backing off the new best friend of one's sister, Kimber Forrest. Called Itsy, she sets her sights on her own brother's friend, but he's not interested and once she gets to know bad boy number one, drummer Jaxen Malloy, she starts falling for him.    

In Falling, Kimber tells of their beginning; of how her and Jaxen became each other's all and how that falling in love with him threatened to tear them apart.  


DESPAIR, told by Cassidy Wren

 Tired of rejection, a fateful phone call leads Cassidy and her hometown boyfriend, Eddie, to Hampton, California a city Cassidy lived in as a child until tragedy sent her family back to her native Iowa.    

Negative Ion Drummer Greg Mitchell is embroiled in a nasty custody battle with his ex. When Cassidy and Greg cross paths, the encounter rocks them both and may sever Cassidy from Eddie, forever.    Cassidy is filled with guilt but tries to be strong for her new, sometimes sad, friend Kimber. Cassidy' soon feels nothing but Despair as she tries to choose between the man who is in her heart, and the man she believes exists only to set her body on fire. 


FELL, told by Jaxen Malloy

Women have always loved muscled, tatted drummer Jaxen Malloy of the rock group Negative Ion.

Jaxen had his fun with the ladies, but when one in particular crossed his path, he Fell, fast. Unaware of her immediate effect on him,  Kimber Forrest walked into Jaxen's life after a night of hard partying, and he never saw her coming. He held his tongue for two years, only letting Kimber know of his want for her when it’s revealed Kimber had plans to leave Hampton, possibly for life.

Soon, circumstances started piling up, one drastic, that will keep him from following her. He’s left broken and cuts her from his life, leaving Kimber, his band brothers, family, and friends wondering just how far did he go when he disappeared from everyone’s life.