About The M Series



Book one, BROKEN, acquaints you with the Cannon/Harvey/Reed family, who were once a very close, caring, loving clan, but something happened to slowly unravel the tight-knit group.

 Therapist Vicky Fields leads an intense session in an effort to help her client Mandy, wife of Joshua Cannon, reveal a deep and painful secret to the family. 

Soon more secrets are revealed, and Dr. Fields works with her husband, Tim, to get this family back on the road to the way they once were, because Vicky Fields has a secret of her own that involves the Cannon/Harvey/Reeds.  



Widowed Rachel Hollander married Dr. Thomas Harvey II.
With his former wife, Lillian, Thomas II sired three children: Thomas III, Ethan Wallace and Lisa Elaine.
Lillian Harvey married Caspar Reed and had two more children: Caspar Benjamin Jr. and Donovan Trenton.
Rachel Hollander-Harvey had a daughter with the late Donald Hollander named Mariah Nicole.
Marcus’ parents, Stephen and Katherine Cannon, also had three children: Marcus Alexander, Matthew Oliver and Joshua Andrew.
Stephen had an affair with the late Amelia Joan Turner that resulted in the birth of Evelyn Cassandra; a child Katherine eventually raises as her own.



After the initial session, Dr. Fields encouraged the family to write about past events that shaped them into who they are, for closure. Of the twenty participants, Mariah, Marcus, Madison, Matthew and Monica wrote their memoirs, some in painful, detailed recollection. Major is the story of another member of the family who wasn't at the sessions, but after reading the books of the others, decides it would be a good release for them, also.

Grab several boxes of tissue when you're ready to read Mended; this read ties everything together, and gives closure to every soul of The M Series.