About Ryanne




Don't let my Goodreads page fool you; I've read a ton and have been addicted to books since my father placed Tristan and Isolde  in my hands when I was eleven. An incessant talker, Daddy only did it  to shut me up. It worked, for a time. (This worked on my daughter, too!) Eventually, someone else's words weren't enough, so I grouped my own, and The M Series was created.  




I've  been to a few states, but I've lived in the Midwest since I escaped the womb.  I'm a wife, mother of two humans and two canines, Deucey & Sugar (She's far from sweet!)  I'm completely in love with Bobby E. The man makes me grrrrrr... I'd  love to snuggle on a couch with him while sipping Arizona Sweet Tea and  munching on Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn as foreplay. *giggle*

Ooh, I think that might be another short! Squeeeeeeee!  



Life is unpredictable and loves to throw you curves, big or small. Despite that knowledge, I totally believe in happily ever after with the one you love... whether your soul-mate is named Tom, Mick, Harriet... Jack Daniels or Margarita. Whatever it is, whatever you are, be the best you and never consider changing to please anyone. 

Do what you love, and always at your very best.  


Look out for...


When the Bough...

Here, you'll meet Quanda Jarvis and Daniel Warner with their family and friends, and few drop-ins from some of your favorites from other series.


A novella, featuring Deborah Austin-Jarvis, and her long lost love, Edwin Beale. She kept a secret from him for 40 years, and finally, he learns it, after he finally gets her back. #MatureLove

The Cradle Will Fall

Daniel and Quanda return, and you'll discover if happily ever after happened for them. 

I've Been Here Before

A widow, Lauren Ryals returns, and tells of her new adventures/circumstances in her time after the death of her Goober.

PlayNISE Series III: Mine

NiXX Williams and Candiss Ford, the rocker and the teacher can't wait to tell their story to you!

PlayNISE Series IV: Ours

This unique triangle, featuring Devin Reynolds, Mona Tyler, and Sean Andrews, has a twist that even I was shocked to see coming!