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Filled with tension and stress and needing to relinquish control, Kaia takes a vacation for a month and answers a job ad for an assistant to Martin, who she finds out is a Dominant, for a month. She never sees his face, and after a rough patch in the beginning, Kaia enjoys every moment she spends with Martin.

After being released as Martin’s submissive, Kaia discovers Bobby felt the same as she did but can love alone keep them together? Kaia wants Bobby, but she needs what Dominant Martin gave her and soon wonders if her and Bobby were ever really meant to be, especially after tension and stress take her over, again. 

 AUTHOR'S WARNING: This book contains spoilers that effect The M Series and The Negative Ion Series. Ms. Anthony advises you read to Monica in the M Series and all NI books before you read Effection. 


 Embree Walters was born to a successful actor and an heiress mother. At a party, thrown to entice her father to portray a part in a much-anticipated movie, she meets producer Matthias Royce; a man who knows what he wants and how to get it; and that is currently Embree.

Embree and Matthias have a one-night stand; the morning after, Embree disappears and when Matthias runs into her weeks later, he makes it clear one night was not enough for him. Embree disagrees, but a determined Matthias is willing to do whatever to change her mind and make her say, Yours 


Elementary school teacher Candiss Ford thought choosing to date a rock star was insane; she believed every cliché attached to them. Then she met Eclipse lead singer NiXX Williams, and he made her change mind.

After proposing to Candiss, NiXX meets a fan; an up-and-coming model named Farren Wade. What Farren offers the rocker is too tempting for him to resist.

When Candiss learns of the relationship between her fiancé and the model, she ends with NiXX, and he has to decide which woman he wants to call 'Mine.' 


Mona Tyler decided she was going to be the best personal assistant ever made/trained. After learning the ropes from uber agent/manager/producer Barney Howell, he places her with hot and sexy actor Sean Andrews, and his girlfriend, the equally famous Whitney Benjamin. 

While working at Sean’s home, Mona meets handsome and equally sexy Devin Reynolds, who wants nothing more than to be with Mona.

After Sean and Whitney part ways, Devin and Mona become engaged to everyone’s delight, except Sean’s; he waited too long to make a play for Mona.

After a fight with Devin, Mona and Sean are intimate and soon, she finds herself pregnant and all three anxiously wait to see which man can say with Mona, ‘the baby is Ours.’ 


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